I provide legal advice to both private and professional investors. Private investors include family offices, private holding companies and private individuals. Professional investors include fund and asset managers, hedgefunds, investement advisors, pension funds, endowments and insurerance companies. My Firm has specific expertise in the field of investor class actions.

Legal advice for investors
I can provide you legal advice on al legal matters relating to investments including:

  • Position of investors in Dutch public listed companies in relation to take-over bids, shareholder activism, insolvency and other special situations, including class actions and summary proceedings
  • Position of bond holders in Dutch financing companies or SPV’s in case of restructuring or insolvency
  • Regulation of investment services and markets and conflicts with the AFM, DNB or other supervisors
  • Investment funds: structure, documentation and liability
  • Real estate investment: investment funds, real estate bonds and real estate financing
  • Combating investment fraud, market abuse and misleading financial statements
  • Liability in relation to asset management, investment advice and other investment services

Investor litigation
If necessary, I can also represent you in legal proceedings such as:

  • Class actions and group litigation with the Dutch courts and in arbitration
  • Enquiry, buy-out and other proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber (‘ Ondernemingskamer’)
  • Restructuring, bankruptcy and other insolvency procedures
  • Representing victims of investment fraud as injured parties in Dutch criminal proceedings
  • Litigation in the Dutch Administrative Courts against actions of the AFM, DNB and other supervisors
  • Complaint cases with the Financial Services Complaints Institute (KIFID)