Method & Rates

Below I will give you information about my working methods  and  rates..


Free preliminary advice
A first preliminary advice by phone or online (Teams) is for free. In this first contact, we will assess your legal needs and how my Firm may be able to help you. You can request an online consultation via the Make an Appointment button on this website or by calling me on ++ 31 6 83 03 70 46 (also WhatsApp) or by sending me a message.

Engagement letter
If you grant my office an assignment after this, you will receive a written engagement letter to confirm our arrangement, including the applicable fee and costs.

General Terms & Conditions
All activities and services are subject to the General Terms & Conditions which can consult here. The Terms and Conditions will be sent to you free of charge on your request and are also available for inspection at the offices of my Firm.

Applicable law
The relationship between my office and the client is subject to the Laws of The Netherlands.

Membership Dutch and Amsterdam Bar Associations and Attorney Code of Conduct
I am registered as an attorney at law (‘advocaat’) in the national register (‘tableau”) of the Dutch Bar Association (“Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten”). I am a member of the Dutch and Amsterdam Bar Associations. As an attorney I am bound by the rules and regulations of the said Bar Associations including the Attorney Code of Conduct. You can consult this Code here  (in Dutch). The Dean (“Deken”) of the Amsterdam Bar Association has been appointed to supervise compliance with such rules and regulations by the members of the Amsterdam Bar.

Professional liability insurance
My Firm has taken out insurance against professional liability via HDI (Haaksbergweg 75, 1101 BR Amsterdam, telephone: ++ 31 20 565 0655).  In all cases, my Firms liability is limited to the amount paid out under this insurance plus the amount of my Firm’s own risk under the insurance. The insurance cover is a maximum of € 1,000,000 per claim and a maximum of € 2,000,000 per contract year. The insurance policy is available for inspection at the offices of my Firm.

Complaints procedure
If my Firm’s serivce would not meet your expectations or if you have a question or complaint about this, please let me know as soon as possible. I will then try to work with you to find a satisfactory solution. If you would like to make a complaint, you can do so on the basis of the Complaints Procedure of my Firm. You can consult it here.  Complaints that have not been resolved after completion of the Complaints Procedure may in most cases be submitted to the Attorney Disputes Committee (“Geschillencommissie Advocatuur”) for binding advice or arbitration. In other cases, the Amsterdam Distric Court has exclusive jurisdiction.

Replacement in my absence
In case of my absence, my cases are handled by one of the other lawyers I work with. In case of planned absence I inform the client about the name and contact details of the lawyer who acts as my observer. In the event of an unplanned absence, the observer will contact the client himself. Of course, the observer is also required to comply with the legal obligation of confidentiality and the Attorney Code of Conduct.

Third party funds
My Firm does not receive funds from third parties and is therefore not affiliated with a third party fund foundation (‘Stichting Derdengelden”).

Information document
The information referred to in Articles 6: 230a-e of the Ducth Civil Code and Article 7.4(2) of Bar Association Regulations can be consulted here.

Business information about my Firm
Jeroen Wendelgelst RBA
Van Heuven Goedhartlaan 13D
1181 LE Amstelveen
The Netherlands
Telephone: ++31 20 299 26 22
Chamber of Commerce nr. 72036915
VAT nr. NL002100429857

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Hourly rate
I do my work in principle on the basis of an hourly rate. We will come to an arrangement about this before I go to work for you. My fee is then based on the time spent on your case (in units of 6 minutes) multiplied by the hourly rate plus 21% VAT. At your request, I will provide you with a specification of the work carried out and the time spent on it.

Fixed price or capped fee
It is often also possible to agree on a fixed price instead of an hourly rate or an hourly rate up to a certain maximum amount.

Succes fee
Sometimes it is possible to make the fee dependent on the result achieved. This would be in the form of a reduced base rate fee plus a success fee which is a=only due upon reaching a result in your case. Dutch law forbids attorneys to work on a no cure, no pay of contingy fee basis.

External costs
If it is necessary to engage third parties to carry out work, the costs will be borne by the client unless otherwise agreed. Consider, for example, the costs of a bailiff, witnesses or experts. If it is necessary to incur this kind of cost, I will of course discuss this with you first. Also court fees will be for the account of the client.

Fees and cost recovery
I always try to recover fees charges and costs incurred in relation to the case as much as possible from the opposing party.

Recurrs of costs on legal aid insurance
If you need to engage in court proceedings or require a second opinion on the case, it is sometimes possible to recover the costs from your legal aid insurance. I’ll check with you at the intake to see if there’s any possibility. You’ll have a free choice of lawyer. That means you can turn on my office. You are not obliged to use a lawyer or lawyer proposed by the insurer.

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